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When moving your piano, you should hire a professional piano movers. Piano are very sensitive pieces of equipment and moving a piano yourself can lead damage to your piano, damage to your house, or even injury to yourself. Piano movers have years of experience that lets us move a piano safely and efficiently. Piano movers also have enough knowledge to handle the set-up and transportation of any kind of piano. Professional piano movers know what they’re doing and can minimize the risk of damage to your instrument and home during the moving process.

If you choose to move your piano by yourself, be careful and take your time. Have many people helping you, as even the smallest piano are heavy and unwieldy. Even if you hire a piano movers, you can still help by preparing the piano moving beforehand.


Whether it’s piano moving, removal or relocation, or you call us piano movers or piano carriers, the important thing is the service we provide. As professional piano movers, its starts with your very first phone call to our customer service. This customer service level carries right through booking and confirmation of when our piano movers crew will be at your property to pick up your piano. On the road, piano movers crew are prompt and professional, highly trained to take the best care possible of your treasured musical instrument throughout the move. And, as piano movers we aim to means careful, reliable, experienced and efficient.

Our team of relocation consultants are an expert piano movers. We understand the unique structure and complex needs of a piano and the safest way to handle and move one. As professional piano movers, we have the expertise to handle any move from difficult stairways moves to multi story craning. Our piano movers crew is dedicated and pay close attention to details. Our professional piano movers also understand that keyboard instruments not only have significant monetary value but also priceless sentimental value.

Your piano is one of your prized possession. When you need to move your piano, Don’t risk your instrument to a furniture movers, Get it moved by experienced piano movers and trust it to the skilled piano movers. Lets piano movers move your piano with ease and safe! Get started with a free piano movers quotation from AKMOVERS as your professional piano movers.

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