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Storage or most people usually know it as a self-storage is useful especially during house moving process or struggling with a small space house. Then, after you have already found your desired self-storage, it is vital that you keep your belongings properly in those units. You definitely want to avoid scenario or incident that might have damaged your furniture or books, for instance. Storage could be in short or a long-term of duration and in those times you would want to make sure that you optimize your storage usage to the fullest considering it is a quite expensive investment. Therefore, AKMOVERS is here to tell you the do’s and don’ts that you should consider when storing your items in the storage:The Do’s
  1. Location: it is important to find the storage that is near and accessible for you. You need to know your needs and the features that the storage provide to you such as 24/7 access, parking accessibility and some safety features that compatible according to your preference in keeping your item.
  2. Reliability: your item and belonging need to be in a good hand and it means that you need to have a storage company that you can trust. Even though you plan not to keep expensive and antique stuffs, a company with establish license is still vital to keep in record. With the help of the internet, you can read reviews from the past customer feedbacks before that and you will get the heads up.
  3. Packing methods: your boxes should be labelled up. Even the space is entirely for your items but it supposed to be neat and organised neatly. If you label all your items, it would be easy for you to search your items without the need to cramp yourself in all of the boxes. Labeling and tagging makes the unpacking process much easier and making it useful for you to get it in the future.
  4. Pack smart: when you store the items in storage, you will need to organised everything that makes your job easy. Items that you are more likely need towards the front of the unit as it makes your life easier. Then, instead of making the ground crowded with your items, organised and stack it vertically. You can use quality boxes so they won’t collapse when stacked and make sure that heavy items on the bottom and the light on the top. Safety is important.
  5. Inventory checklist: As a responsible person, you should record the items inside your storage. It’s a perfect idea to take some photos as well as keeping a formal written record where the valuable item located. Another tip would be for you to sketch out the map of your unit or storage and keep it in the safe place so that you can easily access it. The checklist will help you to keep the count of all the items. After you have tagged and labelled the items, you need to put it in the list to make your job and moving process easier.
  6. Do ask for help, if you need it. Moving things into storage is definitely not an easy process, and it can be difficult to tackle all of it on your own. You need to ask for help from friend or family member, especially if you’re going to be carrying the heavy items or stacking your belongings up high. By having an extra hands could contribute a big help so that the process go smoother and faster as well as reducing the risk of getting any injury when lifting furniture or heavy things.
The Don’ts
  1. Don’t focuses only on the price– Usually people choose to rent the cheapest self-storage units to save the money but it also has some cons. However, a lower price could not always compromise the safety and security of your belongings and you should be considering both in your priorities. The security of your belongings is important too. Most moving companies that offers storage sometimes offers free consultation too so you can discussed about the packages that they offered according to your budget.
  2. Don’t store dangerous and flammable items – Storage facilities are very strict and they also prohibit storing flammable items for instance, fireworks, fuel, oils, aerosols, weapons and propane. If you need to store some gas-powered equipment, you will need to drain its fuel and oil before putting it in. if you fail to comply with rules can result in getting action with law or eviction from the administration of the company.
  3. Don’t store item that super valuable. As a basic rule, if you don’t want to regret anything, you probably shouldn’t be storing worth items in your storage unit. Majority of the time, your items will be just fine and there’s nothing to worry about, but the storage always come with a risk even small ones, including items that will get lost and damaged. Just to be safe, you need to find an alternative way to put your antiques, jewelry and other valuable items that you don’t want to risk. Sentimental items includes in this categories as it meant so much and surely you don’t want anything to happen to it.
  4. Don’t share your safety code and access card. Be wise about who you share access matters with. Always use your best judgment and never allow someone into your storage unless your family and the person that you already know as well as trust them around and with handling your belongings. Storage or more important, the items within them store a lot of value for people with bad intentions. Unless it’s a family member or your closest friend, you shouldn’t be sharing your access code or card to any strangers.
  5. Don’t store anything perishable. Be aware not to pack anything in your storage that could spoil or rotten. Plus, it could lead to bad odours, rotting foods and plants that can attract bugs and rodents, and you surely don’t want it to happen to those who will open your storage. It can be unpleasant.
  6. Don’t leave your items unprotected. You should prevent your items from getting damaged by taking the time to properly pack and wrap them. Furniture should be covered with blankets or moving pads and important fact, you cannot cover it with plastic, anything that can trap moisture because it resulting in mildew and mold. Then, anything small should be boxed up properly. Fragile items should be neatly wrapped in proper packing paper and stored in a way that they can’t move or slip around.
AKMOVERS is an established moving company in Selangor and AKMOVERS also offer self-storage services that would be useful in keeping your household items. For instance, if you need to change work in other country, you can rent the storage. The service is called “storage package” which AKMOVERS will come and assist you to pack and wrap your furniture or any household items and keep it safely so that you can get back your items in a good state. All of your items will be kept at AKMOVERS storage room and your items will be returned perfectly whenever you want.Need more information, you can contact us:Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – AkmoversInstagram – AkmoversYoutube Channel – Akmovers 

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