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Choosing a responsible moving company is not as easy as choosing and picking clothes to buy. It is very important for you to have plenty research about whom you are dealing with, especially the moving company that will take full charge on your belongings. Surely you would not want anything bad happened to your belongings or being a victim of fraudulent incident. On the time of house moving process, you will definitely want to focus on getting all your plans done successfully without any problems as well as saving more time for the unpacking process in the new home. In order for you to make sure that the process will run smoothly, you should consider hiring a trustworthy moving company that will help your moving experience into a fun and safe journey. Therefore, these are the 10 trickiest questions that you should ask your moving company:





  1. Does the company operate a legitimate business?

As a professional house moving business, the company should be able to show the official license of operation to prove that they are trusted. This is the basic first questions that people usually asked their house moving company to make sure they hire people that they can trust and rely on.


  1. How long the company’s been in this business?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether the company is new or old, as long as the quality of the service is consistent and has a flawless track of record that will support your decision in choosing the perfect one for your house moving process. Preferably, people will tend to choose experienced business rather than the new one, but clients can also checked on the record of history to make sure the experienced will be the same as the expectation. Some elements that you as a client can observe could be the punctuality of the company in delivering all the household items or how concern the company in keeping your stuff in good condition like you wanted.



  1. Any references or reviews?

Usually as an established moving company, there should be some reviews or feedback that they have collected from their previous clients as supporting points that their service is ethical and trusted. A moving company also should be able to provide clients with reference in saying that they are legit in the business as well as being transparent towards the communication with the clients. All contacts and address will be update regularly with the clients to avoid any scam or fraud issues.



  1. Does the company have the necessary equipment for the process?

Depending on your household items, you should ask and tell the moving company about the suitable size of trucks and gears suitable for your belongings. This will help in terms of making sure your items will not be damaged or defect in any kind of situation. Usually the size of moving truck will be determined by the amounts of heavy furniture so you should consult with the moving company about your inventory.





  1. Who will actually do the moving process?

Usually when it comes to a big scale of company, they have their movers team but it is advisable for you to have clear communication about the person who will be responsible towards your belongings. If the company happened to hire temporary workers or part-timers, keep their references and contacts handy in your phone books as this will help you to keep in track with the moving process.




  1. Will the moving company give a written estimate on cost?

You should be extra careful with the decision in hiring as there are a lot of scammers out there waiting to lure victims. The scammers will reel you with an extra exceptionally low estimate then demand more money on the moving day. You need to be alert with this kind of situation and make sure that you ensured yourself with finalized written statement or form. This will help you keep the proof of the money that you spend through the entire process and you will not be charge for any additional services without your consent. Always make sure that the finalised statement includes insurances, fees and taxes with absolutely no hidden cost. With this way, there will be no ‘surprise’ charges at the end of your moving process.





  1. How long will the moving process take?

If you have completed your proper plan in moving, you will have the estimated time for the household items arrived at your new home as you need to settle things up with unpacking. Normally, a local moves takes about one day to be done but you need to clarify with the moving company’s plan on delivering your items to your house. For example, if your new home is an apartment, you will need to plan with the company on what date and time will they be there in order for you to deal with security measures.




  1. How does the mover handle heavy, fragile and expensive materials?

Moving with monetary and sentimental values item will need to have extra care rather than the majority household items in your house. Questions that you should ask the company would be, “how will the items be secured and loaded in the truck?” Different moving company might have different methods in packing and wrapping your items. Consultation is important as it helps you to know which type of packaging is suitable with your monetary and expensive items. Even though you are hiring a moving company to take care of your belongings to your new home, you will need double check on your items based on your inventory plan.




  1. What happens if some items are missing or broken?

The right answer that you can get usually depends on the package that you agreed to spend your money on. Different packages the moving company offered depends on how much the cost that they will replace if unwanted things happened. All of the information will be available in the contract. Trusted moving company will reimburse your broken items without any problems and logical manner. But if the box was packed by you, the damaged happened is fully your responsibility.




  1. Does the moving company have questions for you?

If the moving company handles professional free consultation with you, they will definitely do their best to make sure they meet all your demands and needs. They will also be thoughtful in asking questions related to your items so that the process could be done successfully without any difficulties or worse, miscommunication. A responsible moving company will offer advice or tips that can help you prepare for the moving.

Therefore, these 10 trickiest questions will help you to plan better for your moving experience and make sure that your items are in good condition.

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