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Have you ever heard of self-storage? Self- storage is sometimes known as self-service storage or mini storage. Self-storage is a storage space and also called as “storage units” that is rented to tenants, big family who needed space or people who need space for house moving process. Nowadays, self-storage units are in big demands for more and more reasons such as when people need it so that they can outgrow their space, students in need for storing things and even useful for small work from home businesses setting up their equipment and stock. In consequence of the demands needed, lots of businesses offer self-storage services even almost everywhere in Malaysia. There are many reasons that self-storage might be beneficial for you considering that it is safe for future use and affordable according to the package provided. Therefore, the following are 10 reasons why you need a self-storage facility for your house.
  1. Small Space Home
Not enough space in the house is usually caused by belongings that people don’t longer use and in a good condition. Some item might remind them about certain memories or they just kept those things in case they need it. For instance, an old bike, complete set of stereo equipment or pile of books. All these things will just wasting useful space in your house. Thus, by considering self-storage unit, it will help you sort and organise your items.
  1. Moving house
Sometimes, there are people who need to move from their house urgently due to job demand and by that time they still haven’t find a suitable house. In this case, you have nowhere to store your household items and self-storage is a suitable option. Self-storage also helps contribute in sparing time for you to sort and de-clutter your belongings before you find a new house.
  1. Keep vehicles
Self-storage facilities also come in different features that can even store your vehicles. This usually happens in a country that experience extreme weather such as snow or even flood. You can fit your cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even boats. By doing this, you can have some space for your garage and use it for other reason.
  1. House renovation purposes
Have you ever experienced a situation where you need to put all of you belongings piled up in a room in order to save space for a house renovation? Honestly, it was such a messed up situation. Other than that, during renovations you might be worried sick about the construction going on that might damage your wooden furniture or your satin sofas. Self-storage unit will help you protect your household items from being damaged in the process and also help the builders get space for work purposes.
  1. Manage stocks for business
Working from home looks easy but the reality is unbearable. Imagine getting your house packed with boxes of stocks for let’s say stationery businesses or even clothing businesses. It is insane. Even though working from home might saves your money but how you organise is the main issue. You can’t forever live in a house or room full with boxes and plastic wrappers. So, self-storage unit will do the job in keeping all your stocks or business inventory kept in a safe space.


  1. To keep family’s antiques and belongings
Losing a family is the most painful thing that could happen to anyone. The heart-breaking part is when you need to go through the house and old memories started to play on your mind. Nonetheless, we still need to clear up the house so that it could be rented or sold. Surely you can put some of the stuff in your house but the amount can be staggering.  With the help of self-storage facility, you can store your loved ones items and you also can process them back whenever you are ready. Dealing with loss is not simple, it takes time.
  1. Stress-free summertime
This specific situation happens to university students during summer break. Instead of going back home with everything that they have in their flat or hostel, they will likely rented self-storage facility to keep their belongings. So that in September, they can get their belongings back and move it into the new flat or student accommodation. Usually, self-storage services are available near university along with small price spent including zero worries guaranteed.
  1. Working abroad or gap year
Many people have the need to go travelling or work abroad for certain amount of time. They definitely have intention of coming back home; it’s just that they required being abroad for work purposes or gap year planning. Instead of burdening your family member with your items, you can consider renting a self-storage unit. By doing so, you can keep your items and get it back whenever your job is done.
  1. Machines, furniture and tools
This part would be useful for builder, painter, garden worker and decorator. Have you ever experienced problems in keeping your tools and machines away from damp weather or even your children from playing with sharp machines? If you have a small garage, big machines will not fit in and you will have problem to store it considering you have rascal children going in and out of your garage for play time. Yes! Self-storage is the perfect idea for you to keep all your big and sharp machines or tools away. Additionally, your items will be stored safely in damp free surroundings with lock and key.’
  1. Protection and extra security
This part can be break into two. Firstly, self –storage unit helps give protection from environmental disaster or damage. If you have been alerted regarding heaving storm or rain going on, you should consider keeping your valuable items at self-storage facility as they are dry and guaranteed to prevent damage in controlled climate thus making your items in a good condition. Next, self-storage facility offers extra security from being robbed as most self-storage facility installed CCTV, secure locks and being guarded 24/7 around the facility. Some self-storage facilities are in spaces that required high secure accesses to give you worry less.To conclude, all of the reasons helps proves that self-storage units are really useful for everyone especially big family or adults dealing with work placement. Renting a self-storage unit is a good investment as it assists you with the need to give more space to your house. There might be some criticism about renting a self-storage unit as it is not affordable or wasting money but the truth is it helps people especially with life transition that happen with their life. Everything has pros and cons.AKMOVERS is an established moving company in Selangor and AKMOVERS also offer self-storage services that would be useful in keeping your household items. For instance, if you need to change work in other country or state, you can rent the storage. The service is called “storage package” which AKMOVERS will come and assist you to pack and wrap your furniture or any household items and keep it safely so that you can get back your items in a good state. All of your items will be kept at AKMOVERS storage room and your items will be returned perfectly whenever you want.Need more information, you can contact us:Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – AkmoversInstagram – AkmoversYoutube Channel – Akmovers

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