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The perfect new house is now ready for you to create memorable journey and all you need to do is to move in. The process of moving from your old house to the new one will never be an easy task thus you will need an effective strategy to make sure that your plan works out just like you want it to be. Obviously you do not want to waste hours by hours looking for the items that should be in one of your boxes but seem to away from your sight. All of your stuff and item needs to be keep in track so that you will never have to waste your time but it is not as easy as it may seem. In order for you to achieve a successful and stressed-free experience, you have to make sure that you create a careful planning as well as precise preparations for your moving experience. Important aspect that you will need to be extra concern about is time because you will never have enough time to complete all the process unless thoroughly planning is done effectively. This article will focus in encouraging you to make your own moving inventory list, which will contribute big impact in your moving process. Thus, why do we need to make a moving inventory list?Keep Track of Your Belongings A moving inventory list is technically your home inventory checklist which summarize all your belongings that contains every single item that you have in your house. If you have completed all your home inventory or list out all your detailed belongings, you will realize how many items that you have in your house. Once you have done listing the entire home inventory, you can decide and de-clutter your items whether any of it should be in your new house or you need to get rid of. After that, you can use the home inventory to check for your items during the moving process. You will know right away if there is something missing and further action can be taken without wasting any time searching for the stuff. For instance, if you hired professional movers, you will be able to alert or notify them regarding your stuff and it will make both you and your movers’ job easy. Remember to always check and tick in all the important items in your moving inventory list so that you will not missing any items left.Estimation of the Moving Costs A moving inventory list is needed so you can monitor the estimation of the moving costs that you need. Usually, the estimation cost of your move will be calculated based on your moving inventory sheet and it will be different based on the country or state that you are moving. Once your moving inventory checklist is complete, you will have clear estimation for the weight of your household items and get the estimation of what kind of packing materials needed for your items. Moreover, you can provide complete information to your movers such as the total weight of the items, duration needed for shipping as well as special handling requirements towards certain items. This information are vital in order for movers to manage all your household items according to what you really need along with making sure that your moving experience is perfect. Above key points explained on why you should prepare for a moving inventory list which mentioned about knowing clearly of your belongings and getting estimation for the moving process. Next part of this article will guide you on how to do a moving inventory list thus making your moving process runs smoothly.Start From Room by Room The most important rule in making an inventory checklist is to get organised with your situation. It is a good strategy to create lists or sheets for each room in your house. You can start with the room or space that you rarely use and take note on all the items that you have in the room. Making a checklist does not necessarily means that you need to write every small item that you have, maybe you can put it under general category such as certificate documents, legal documents or education file. It is important that you need to be extra careful with your high monetary and sentimental value item like jewelry and vintage collectibles. Always make sure that you tagged the belongings in described details as possible and include it in the special handling inventory form. During the inventory checklist process, it would be beneficial for you to note down necessary information. You can start by creating inventory sheet that has several columns and take note about specific item’s condition, model number or even its value. In addition, you should also make effort to keep all your important documents’ safe, organised properly and make it easy for you to access during the moving process. You will preferably need to keep it close to yourself to avoid any missing or misplace of your important documents.Use Visuals and Apps Technology nowadays is a useful tool for your moving situation. A moving inventory checklist will be more precise if you add visuals to it so that you can confirm its reliability and accuracy every time you need to double check your list. Plus, it is also simple because all you need is to walk around your home or room by room with your phone and record it. Besides, it is a very time saving and convenient worth action that will help your process be more specific and easy. Fortunately, there are heaps of home inventory applications that can guide you in the process of making the inventory checklist. You can download it in your electronic devices and make use of the opportunity useful towards your moving experience. But to keep in mind, these visuals and apps are meant to help assist you for the inventory checklist, not outplace it. To conclude, creating a moving inventory checklist is a great strategy for you to decide on your moving process decision as well a making sure that you get your household items to your new home. When it comes to move your items, you definitely have endless of things to keep in track so with the moving inventory checklist, you will be able to have in mind towards every items that you monitor.AKMOVERS is a professional moving team that can help you with your moving process. AKMOVERS will guide and have a consultation regarding your package or that suits your options. AKMOVERS will make sure that your items are safely packed and arrived in your new home. Therefore, AKMOVERS had listed some of the inventory packaging and wrapping that they offer in their service:1) Inventory: PREMIUM BOXES-2 layer box (50cmx40cmx59cm) 2) Inventory: OPP TAPE-durable plastic adhesive tape 3) Inventory: SHRINK WRAP- ensures the safety of furniture and prevent from dirt 4) Inventory: NEWS REAM-to wrap small glass items 5) Inventory: BUBBLE WRAP-to ensure safety of glass items 6) Inventory: CORRUGATED BOX-first layer for furniture safetyFor more information about how AKMOVERS wrap your furniture, please click on the videos below:
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