4 Tips to Organize Family Gatherings in Small Space

May 10, 2019
June 1, 2019
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4 Tips to Organize Family Gatherings in Small Space

Malaysia is well-known with the multicultural tradition and celebration. Fellow Malaysian celebrates heaps of celebrations every year and during the celebration, family gathering activity is one of the most important agenda for the day. This upcoming Sunday is significant for Buddhist communities as they celebrate the Buddha Day, Buddha’s Birthday or normally called Vesak in Malaysia. Buddhism is the second-largest religion in our country after Islam thus Vesak is a national holiday marked in calendar that brings together the entire Buddhist from various ethnic and social groups. During the Vesak Day, temples in Kuala Lumpur are the main place where the families come to the temple to seek for Buddha’s blessings. Basically, religious occasion or event is a great opportunity for long-distance family and relative to meet up and gather together after years of not seeing each other. Family reunions are important in order to bring family together, reconnect, sharing stories and experiences as well as build up understanding about family love. Unfortunately, some people might have troubles in organising or planning a family gathering considering that they have a small space in their house and making them to be distressed with the scenario of family reunion. How do we really solve this problem? The main purpose of this article is to help you with your worries by sharing some tips and tricks on how to organise family reunions in a small space.



Rearrange your furniture

The arrangement and organisation of the furniture helps you in making your dining area look spacious even though you have a small space area. The useful tip is to push all your furniture against the wall or move some of the big furniture to another room so that you will be able to make room for main table and allows space for people to hang around. If your family is a big family with more than 20 people, you can get creative by organizing your family reunion in a big garage or spacious roof deck. Moreover, if you want your dining room to have more space you can try break apart the furniture such as separating tables and chairs so that you can have two part of the room itself despite the small space. This is useful as it allows your guests and families to have room to get food and also socialize around with others. The more space you create by rearranging the furniture aside, the more area you have for social activities like board games and watching television.






Creativity over mentality

Have you ever been in a situation where your mom nags to you about having a small house and experiencing embarrassment whenever it is your family’s turn to organize a family reunion? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small house, inadequate space is always an issue to everyone. Instead of being stressed with your situation, get creative with what you already have is the best option to discard the situation. Make use of something that you have into something useful for example, you can utilize vertical space by having a vertical shelving unit or storage to save more space. It depends on how you decorate and organize your space so that it will do the trick to not look like a small space. Other than that, it is advisable that you get creative with your decorations such as to put mirrors as it can help with the larger space illusion, setting different types of lighting can do the trick of effects to the angles of the room and if your cooking is the main attraction, you can put some efforts in decorating the food so that people won’t even realize that you have a small space area.




Declutter, declutter and declutter!

Minimal is maximal. Minimal as definition is all about living with less and to get rid of excess stuff that does not bring meaning to your life. By all means, you need to declutter all your stuffs often. For instance, you can recycle all your unworn clothes and accessories so that you will not just fill your store with unwanted items. When it comes to kitchen appliances, you can start organise them regularly and make sure that you let go of things that you will not use ever. This process could be ruthless to yourself but in order to help you with neat, tidy and clean space, you need to declutter your household items. Furthermore, you can also be very choosy and picky towards whatever you allow to be in your house. This statement might sound very rigid, but this will help you organize your small space perfectly. It is very understandable to not buy anything when you stroll down in the supermarket aisles but always remember to buy something that you really need instead of something that you want. If you manage to avoid yourself from splurging on something unimportant and organize your household items regularly, you will not have problem with small space conditions on family gathering.




Embrace the chaos

Nothing is perfect and if something does not go as planned, do know that it is okay. Family gathering is all about being together and bonding moments, it’s pretty clear that your family will not be looking on how small space you have but to look at how big your heart is. Being able to manage family reunion is such a hustle and the aftermath is totally worth it. Organizing occasion in a small space can be a challenge but it is not impossible! At the end of the day, togetherness as a family is all that matters.

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