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Ramadhan Al-MubarakRamadhan is the month of fasting which is the ninth month of the Hijri calendar. Popular known as the holy month for all of us where we feel closer to Allah S.W.T by performing the process of fasting while being generous, more empathy and grateful towards what we have in our life. Generally, the concept of Ramadhan is to refrain from eating or drinking from the sun rises until the sun sets. Preparation for Ramadhan is important for all Muslim so that they can perform their fast perfectly and without the need to worry about their health. Fasting in Ramadhan is a great opportunity for Muslim to worship Allah as best and as maximum as they can from the beginning as that will increases the chances that end of the month will be good as well. Consistent is the key! “Indeed, Allah accepts from the righteous”. [Al-Qur’an 5:27] Therefore, as a Muslim we have to do our best to achieve Allah’s acceptance in this Holy month.Recite and Reflect Upon the Qur’an Everyone has a different daily routine in their life. Some are busy during the day and some are not that packed, usually happens to students and housewives. Despite of your circumstances or reason, you should not set your mindset that you do not have quite the time or “not enough time” to recite the Qur’an. One for the start is to open your heart sincerely and openly towards Al-Quran itself. One sentence from the Qur’an explains that Al-Quran is for proof and guidance, if we understand it and go through all the details we can get or find what our purpose in this life are. How amazing the benefit is to ourselves including the wellness of our soul. To put it in a simple analogy, when you want to spend time with your loved ones, you will get close to them and know them better as well as trying to be there as possible as you can so that you can achieve the quality time that you want. This also applied on how you spend your time reciting the Qur’an, you are advised to now every word and meaning that it gives you. If we seek to be close to Allah, we should be close to His Book too and may Allah grant us benefits and rewards in our life same goes with the afterlife.Symbol of Unity Regardless of a person’s nationality, ethnicity, color or race, Muslim all over the world will unity to participate in their most sacred month. Ramadhan can also be perceived as a time for sacrifice and period of reflection towards spiritual growth. In relation to that, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset an in that time, they are bringing family and friends together by doing beneficial activities during that time or the whole month. For example, Muslims are advised to do good with one another so during this month, they will usually protect themselves from hurting other’s feelings or they give contributions such as sharing food during the moment they break the fast. This process or interaction is beautiful. Then, during prayer and tarawih prayer, all Muslim prays together towards one obligation or worship which is to our Creator, Allah S.W.T. Other than that, the Muslim community are growing more and more over time especially during Ramadhan as people from various religions can come and learn more about Muslim’s culture and the real meaning of being a Muslim. MashaAllah. In some part of the community, they usually plan some activities to fill in the day for the Ramadhan such as finishing the recitation of the Qur’an, help cleaning the mosque and preparing the food for people to break their fast as the sun sets.Ramadhan Rules During Ramadhan, there are a few rules that Muslims should obey because if they break the rules, it might invalidate the fasting. Clearly, the first rule is not to eat or drink during the day. In relation to the point before, some of us would be tired by not consuming anything to eat during daytime and will tend to sleep. Some scholars also mention about avoiding excessive sleep. Obviously, it is not prohibited to sleep but favorably as a Muslim we should focus more on engaging with improving our prayers and Qur’an recitation. Moving on with another rule, is to avoid drinking alcohol or wild parties. Alcohol drinks are highly forbidden in Islam thus this activity is totally prohibited for Muslims especially during the Holy month. Muslims are not expected to stay energetic all day because they are fasting and sometimes the metabolic could be lesser than other day but laziness is not encouraged in Ramadhan. Fasting is definitely not an excuse for Muslim to be lazy. There are a lot of thing to avoid during Ramadhan but specifically Islam encouraged us to do good deeds more in this month as you will be rewarded more in good things that you did especially when you’re doing it with a sincere heart and intention.Improve Your Eating Habit In Malaysia, celebration of Ramadhan is huge as the majority of the residents are Muslim. Known as food heaven, we get used to the term ‘Bazaar Ramadhan’ which a place that sells variety of food for us to break our fast. Unfortunately, most of us gets greedy when it comes to choosing our favorite food and ends up wasting it because we can’t finish it. This is not the right thing to do as we need to be more modest with what we have and be considerate towards other people who couldn’t afford in buying what we eat. There are few researches show that we should avoid consuming a lot of fried food during Ramadhan because it can lead to bloating and fatigue on the next day. Fried food is the main reason why people often feel bloated and it will make it difficult for them to perform the tarawih prayer. Ramadhan is not just about fasting but mainly focus on how you control yourself including the control towards your food consumption. We are advised to consume nutritious food as many as we can on this moth because it could help us be more energetic during the day and fast without any trouble and sickness. Hydration is vital during this month because it will help you store more energy instead of experiencing fatigue all day. Therefore, do drink a lot of water during sahoor and breaking the fast, preferably plain water.As a conclusion, Ramadhan is a beautiful month and the purpose is not just about fasting but it could also help you with a lot of matters. As a Muslim, Ramadhan is a platform where we can improve our attitude, our deeds and also our spiritual habits. Our Creator always encouraging us to be more engaging with Ramadhan by reciting Qur’an and do good towards one another. Drastic changes are not something that our God encouraged but doing it with sincerity and consistent is what we should practice. May Allah bless us with the beauty of Ramadhan and protect us from negative desire in our heart.Happy Ramadhan! Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!Need more information about house moving service, you can contact us:Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – AkmoversInstagram – AkmoversYoutube Channel – Akmovers

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