5 Important Things that People Overlook When Moving

April 15, 2019
May 10, 2019
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5 Important Things that People Overlook When Moving

Imagine if you are one of the Avengers with superpowers that enable you to memorise everything or being blessed with ability to teleport anything to another place easily, well this article probably cannot relate with your situation. Unfortunately, you’re a human just like the rest of us and eventually we forget things and need to be more organised. Moving household is never an easy process, its time consuming and we really need to pay attention into every detail that we have. To be very honest, it is a never-ending list of things to do during a house moving process. Hiring professional movers is a good idea so that you will not risk your safety as well as your family but still you have to participate in making decisions and planning the items properly so that both you and your professional movers will help you accordingly based on what you need. As mentioned, the list of planning is endless but this article will point out five important things or matters that people often overlook during the house moving process. This article might help you avoiding the face-palm situation where you realise that you have forgotten something essential or you acknowledge that you make mistakes during the process. It might sound bad but surely you will get through this and planning will make your worries fade away. So, get your paper and pen ready! Here is the list:
  1. Tagging
Tagging is a time-consuming mental exercises but it could really help you without you even realise. Considering heaps items that you have in your house, it could shattered your brain of needing to remember all of the household items and remember it when they are packed in the boxes for moving. This is the part where tagging benefits you in every way possible. With proper tags, you can instantly label and categorise your items for a hassle-free process. People often overlook on tagging because they are focusing on getting all the items packed, but the reality is without the tagging, your items can be mixed and messed up. You surely don’t want your clothes to be mixed with some rusty tools. You need to organise the tagging to your items. It could be as simple as you tag the box according to the category for instance, clothes, kitchen wares, gadgets, books and kitchen appliances. All you need is a tape and a marker, simple as ABC. If you wish to be more creative, you can tag them according to colours such as green tag for kitchen, blue for clothes and red for sharp objects. This process is once again, time consuming but the aftermath would be useful and easy with the unpack process in the new house.
  1. Labelling
Tagging and labelling looks like the same thing but actually its different. Tagging is putting or pasting colour code or paper to your categorisation box meanwhile labelling brings the meaning to put name, function or status of your item. Same thing, different functions. One perfect example would be labelling your box filled with white wares by labelling it as fragile of maybe label it with glass symbol would give a big impact during the process. If you’re hiring a professional moving team, they will be extra alert dealing with the fragile boxes and you will definitely be stress-free as your items will be in good condition once they have arrived to the new house. Other situation could be when you are in shortage of boxes to pack and you decided to mix your bedroom stuffs together, you can start by labelling all the items that are in the boxes, it will ease you when you want to find your items properly. You don’t want to start your new life at a new home by messing your household items. That doesn’t sound good. Thus, label everything up! It is super useful.
  1. Electrical appliances
When it comes to electrical appliances, it needs a serious attention to look for. Always make sure that it is safely unplugged and avoid placing it with wet or water. For example, television has a lot of wires that also has different functions, you are advisable to properly packed and put them in a special box or specific box for the wires. Handling with electrical is one of the thing that people overlook as it might seems simple but it needs thoroughly care so that it won’t break or damaged. Always keep them in a dry place or box properly. Organise, organise and keep organising so that will ease you on unpacking it to the new house, you surely do not want to misplaced any wires.
  1. No plastic bags
Usually it is a basic thing or common sense to always pack your household items in a box and not with plastic bags. But in reality, some people always ignore the fact and still put their items in the plastic bag even worse without any labelling. No! it is a wrong thing to do. By packing your clothes or items in a box, it will help to protect your item and secured it. You cannot risk putting your books in a plastic bag, what if the bags ripped and misplaced your books? That is the solid arguments to properly organise your items in a box. At the same time, you are being responsible to the environment by being environmental friendly by not using plastic bags.
  1. Contacting the office management
During the process of packing your household items, you also need to contact regularly with your office management so that your moving process will run smoothly. For example you should complete your moving in or out forms, getting more information about the house as well as the rules and regulations applied on the property. Other than that, always make sure to keep those documents in a safe hands or safe place to avoid any misplaced. Put it in a file and label it so that you will not throw it with your unused items. For more information and tips regarding this house moving procedure you can click here.Last but not least, these five issues are the most important thing in your moving process and you should never overlook it. A plan itself will never work if you did not start the planning. Small steps could lead to better success. You can always start with tagging and labelling, you can also use colourful tagging to make it less boring and strategic to find your items easily. Then, you can proceed with packing and more packing. For more useful tips on house moving process, you can click here. You are too busy to pack and unpack? AKMOVERS is a professional moving team that can help you with your moving process. AKMOVERS will guide and have a consultation regarding your package or that suits your options. AKMOVERS will make sure that your items are safely packed and arrived in your new home. Finding a good professional moving team is a hard choice but you can always trust AKMOVERS and read their endless good review if this could help you to trust them. Dealing with big electrical appliances such as refrigerator requires professional help and tools that could ease the process and AKMOVERS can easily help you with it. Worry less and AKMOVERS will make your household moving experience a wonderful journey! Why do you need to worry more while you can always contact AKMOVERS. Click here for more information regarding AKMOVERS.Need more information, you can contact us:Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – AkmoversInstagram – AkmoversYoutube Channel – Akmovers

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