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Some people invest themselves in buying things that satisfy their heart or what they desired. It could be cars, clothes, makeups, foods and let’s not forget books. For book lovers, a collection of books with diverse genres always sparks the true joy in their heart. Some people still believe in reading ‘actual’ book rather than just reading the bright screen, and this article might cheer them up. As you know, reading a book needs you to put yourself in a calm and good reading space; therefore, the library is an ideal place for book lovers! Nowadays, libraries are not only used for reading and studying, but with the initiatives of attracting people to love the library, it is now equipped with your needs. For example, a café in a library for coffee lovers indulging while reading their favorite thriller book, a beautiful architectural design so that you can enjoy the serenity and the view. How interesting is that? If this introduction excites you, prepare to enjoy reading these five most unique libraries in the world:



  1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Alexandria, Egypt

It was built in 2002, which dedicated to rekindling some of the fabled Royal Library of Alexandria that has been destroyed centuries ago. Fundamentally, the library designed as a massive cylinder emerges from the ground at a narrow-angle about 130 feet from the Mediterranean Sea. The roof pattern that made from aluminium and glass panels resembles microchips as well as the disk-shaped roof that reflected by the sun rising over the Mediterranean. One of the significant features is the wall outside the library which made up from 6,400 granite panels that exhibit characters from all the known alphabets. Bibliotheca Alexandrina accommodates a different kind of books in three main languages from Arabic, French and English but not just that, there are also museums, labs and planetariums committed to reinforcing and sustaining ancient manuscripts for the future. The circular structure designed by a Norwegian firm, covered in carvings that have been done by local artist and it is located next to a large breath-taking pool. The enormous library was built to house eight million volumes on seven levels. This library also used as a conference center.



  1. Stuttgart City Library – Germany

Warning! This is not your average kind of library. Stuttgart’s City Library is an amazing example that practically presented in minimalism value. Located in an aesthetic concrete cube in the center of southern Germany, consist of five storey reading space that shaped like an upside-down pyramid that looks exactly or more like an M.C. Escher drawing rather than a library, to portray how unique the inside of the library could be. Moreover, the bright white “white” of the library itself is a multi-floor meeting area that designed with linearity complements by the grid effect formed by the apertures in the cubic exterior. It also exhibits the hundreds of thousand neatly stacked books in all white bookshelves.



  1. Trinity College Dublin Library – Dublin, Ireland

The largest library in Ireland is the old library of Trinity College that built between 1712 and 1732. The library has the most famous room that is known as the long room. This room locates 200,000 of the library’s oldest books. Isn’t it amazing? Other than that, this library also owns “The Book of Kells” which is a manuscript Gospel book fully written in Latin that also consists of the complete four Gospel of the New Testaments. Moreover, the library completed originally by an Irish architect and engineer, Thomas Burgh around 1733 which the 213 foot-long chamber that shows off dark wooden features, carved and a unique barrel-like ceiling. Fun facts about this library, there are a few ‘secret’ tunnels underneath, but no one had a single clue on how to get to them and whether true or not it actually does has its way to the Provost’s wine cellar. The Trinity College itself is known as the only university in Ireland that held a place in the top 100 world universities that have been rated by The Times. Wow, this is surely an important visit to be in the bucket list!



  1. Vennesla Library and Culture House – Norway

The library is located in the metropolis of Vennesla. The sophisticated-looking library designed by a Norwegian firm known as ‘Helen & Hard’. They implied an innovative “rib” idea in the architectural of the library that could support the roof itself. The ribs of a whale skeleton inspired the idea. It also explained that the concept is to create usable hybrid structures that combined a timber construction with all the technical devices along with the interior. Additionally, the library has more facilities than a pile collection of books such as coffee shop, meeting spaces, equipped administrative areas and community house that combined with the learning center. That is the legit reason why it is also called as the city’s cultural center and meeting space as it helps to accommodate the public with various needs. ‘Helen & Hard’ also focused on building a library that helps in reducing the energy need through the use of high standard saving solutions quality in all parts of the library. The interesting part of this library is the long, thin wooden beams inside the library were designed to look like the inside of a whale. Unique and inspiring!



  1. Seattle Public Library (Central Branch) – Washington, United States of America

This 11-story architectural built with numbers layer of transparency which designed by a Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas that is also a Pritzker Prize winner. Built with glass-and-steel edifice and due to the on-hill location, you can enter and exit on different floors. It was opened since 2004 and won recognition from ‘The New Yorker’ which declared it as “exhilarating” and included in the American Institute of Architects’ list of America’s 150 favorite structures in 2007. Its unique modern contemporary design portrayed the character that implies with the city.

What do you think of the unique libraries? Amazing isn’t it? Bet the books are still in good condition as it is in the right hand and management that helps to preserve books even from centuries ago. Obviously, AKMOVERS can relate to the situation where book lovers might get confused and under managed with collections of book that they have when they need to move to a new house. Forget your worries! AKMOVERS is here to help you with packing process, tagging the boxes and protect your books from any misplacement. Even better, AKMOVERS will get your books back into the shelf at your new house just like how it is before. No problem! The premium package will help and consult you with all the process from A to Z. You can still enjoy your reading while sipping coffee and let AKMOVERS do the rest. You deserve your “me time”.

Lastly, it is announced that Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2019 is here! The location is at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), and it starts from 29th of March 2019 until the 7th of April 2019. There are more than 750 presenters, book companies and booths combined in the event. Come and join them! Any enquiries or information, please  click herehttps://www.klibf.my/#KLIBF2019

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