Moving Industry Encourage Job Opportunities

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Moving Industry Encourage Job Opportunities


Malaysia does not neglect the chance to develop their growth in a variety of industries. Moving industry as such is growing and generating more than just a service that describes the name, they offer you heaps of services. Not to mention acknowledging how vast technology contributes to almost everything that we do on a daily basis. Moving industry growth is increasing in Malaysia as the number of companies’ increases as well as with the help of technology. Concerning the scenario, job opportunities become valid and relevant. A company cannot function without its backbones, the staff, crews and management. A professional moving company like AKMOVERS is responsible for helping customers with their moving process, making sure that the process avoids exposing them to danger and ensure it complete correctly. Movers are accountable for their job, and it surely is not as easy as it sounds. Moving industry team is considered as a professional profession because the staffs and crews are well trained and compassion towards what they are doing.

Additionally, with the increasing of moving companies, it also contributes to opportunities for people to get a job. People might have these kinds of questions made in their mind. Such as, what roles do the companies offer? What requirements do they consider? What about their work culture? Who should they reach out for the job? These questions will be answered in depth by this article. By the end of the article, your worries will be solved, and you will get a better picture of this topic.

AKMOVERS focuses thoroughly in their work culture. AKMOVERS are looking for individuals that are willing to gain heaps of knowledge that can help them with communication skills, developing positive personal development and also learn to solve the problem as well as analytical thinking. Not to forget, individual that will contribute to giving a full commitment in teamwork so as independent based on any situation. AKMOVERS dedicated in improving the quality of their team. Being a part of the moving industry does not mean you have to apply for a job only as professional movers, AKMOVERS also offers position such as accounting assistants, sales assistant, interns and fellow operation crew. Most people often misunderstood that moving company needs professional moving crew, but actually, they require various professions to help those functions properly.

Moreover, the moving industry is not just opening a special door for job opportunities but also helping moving companies in growing their business from one branch to various spot in Malaysia. AKMOVERS which based in Selangor now have the chance to expand their services in Johor. That is the reason AKMOVERS need passionate, sophisticated and dedicated individuals to join their team. It wasn’t rare to see the news that mentions about jobless graduates and adults, some industry packed with employees and it is the right choice for moving industry to incline successfully in the growth charts. There is always a subtle line between responsible for the job or the reputation of the company.

AKMOVERS believes that great and passionate team or crew will somehow contribute to the excellent reputation of the company. No pressure but the crew is the most essential and primary focus in their work culture. Addressing the job opportunities, interested individuals should have packed with knowledge about the company and the responsibility that they will merge in. It might sound a bit cliché, but graduates nowadays should be more advanced in what they want to do as they are more exposed with the help of technology. With just one click, tons and loads of information will be up in their screen. For example, if someone is interested in being movers, they should be concerned about what type of jobs they will be doing, and they also should be showing full effort in learning new things. This scenario could be movers being introduced with new tools in the household moving process so they should be well informed and trained with operating the machines given. Knowledge is the key! AKMOVERS also valued individuals that are always ready in learning new things. Fellow readers, are you prepared for the jobs vacancy that will help you? Including the job scopes that is mutual in your interest? Therefore, these are the list of job offers for dedicated people out there to join and be part of AKMOVERS team:





*Providing support to the Accounting Department.

*Performing basic office tasks, such as filing, data entry, answering phones, processing the mail, etc.

*Handling communications with clients and vendors via phone, email, and in-person.

*Processing transactions, issuing checks, and updating ledgers, budgets, etc.

*Preparing financial reports.

*Assisting with audits, fact checks, and resolving discrepancies.


*Associate’s diploma/degree in Accounting or related field with work experience (Fresh graduate most welcoming)

*More education, experience, or additional certifications and licenses may be required.

*Proficiency with computers and bookkeeping software, strong typing skills.

*Exceptional time management and verbal and written communication skills.

*Familiarity with basic Accounting principles.

*Professional manner and robust ethical code.

*Ability to multitask and remain motivated and confident.

*Commitment to working efficiently and accurately.




Company: Akmovers Sdn Bhd

Based in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor (Near Restoran Hakim Baru)


*Handling customer (answering calls such as call in and out)

*Ensures high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service

*Assist with the sales process

*Assist valuation; assist in a site visit to client’s house or office

*Handling client’s database key-in process


✍SPM // Diploma // Degree or any related field (Fresh graduate are most welcoming)

✍Being able to work overtime (if needed)

✍Work in a team

✍Independent and Soft spoken

✍Fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu

✍Able to Speak Mandarin

✍Willing to travel (if needed)

✍Male and have a driving license


*Commission Sales: Based on Sales Progress




✅ Good mental and physical strength

✅ Skilful in using Microsoft Word and Excel

✅ Have a valid driving license (lorry/ car / motorcycle)

✅ Male only

✅ SPM / Diploma holder

✅ Age from 20 – 35 only




AKMOVERS is looking for students who are interested in doing their internships at their company. It is from April until June intake. Come and grab your chance! Apply now!


✅Account / Finance

✅Operation Management

✅Business / Marketing / Sales

Allowances provided.

What do you think of AKMOVERS jobs opportunity? You found one that can help you applied what you have learned? Not to forget, for interns this could be a good platform for you to show what you are capable of and implemented the theory that you have learned in class. AKMOVERS could be the one who recruited you and help you prepared for the future. What are you waiting? This job opportunities chance is once in a blue moon opportunities. Grab your chance now!

Thus, if you are interested in any of the jobs stated, please drop your resume at our email at [email protected] or directly contact HR Hotline 010-839 8973.

All of the jobs based on our company with the address:


No 26B, Jalan Kristal J7/J, Seksyen 7

40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

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