Spend money or risk your health?

December 28, 2018
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March 11, 2019
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Spend money or risk your health?

            The debates regarding money and health are one of the hottest topics to be issued in our life. In a neutral statement or opinion, health is important in order for you to achieve wealth and contribute your mental and physical advantages to gain money. No objection. Meanwhile, money or wealth is what every person needed the most to supply their life with essential needs and desires. There is still no clear judgement between these two big topics. Both are required so that we could live a happy and content life and maintain them for a great balanced style of living. Hence, this article believe that health is important than money by pointing out few arguments that can open up your eyes or perspectives on health that we often take it for granted.            Values of health based on individuals or society perspectives. How do you really value your health? Is it only by taking medications? Or seeing the doctor if you’re unwell? Or feeling grateful every time you wake up in the morning alive and being able to use all the senses that you have? There are a lot of definitions on how you value your health. Each person may have different experience that they had when it comes to the appreciation of health. Let’s narrow this example to a simple scenario, if you were to get a fever and couldn’t be able to wake up and feel energised. How does that feel? Your body feel numb. You feel pain and heat control your brain. You will automatically feel uncomfortable and starting to rummaging through your kitchen to find medications, without the joy of health you will not feel happy. Health is what makes you going in life. If health is being taken away, you wouldn’t be able to get yourself a salary or money to buy food for your family. Imagine being a patient who is bedridden and being taken away all the senses that must’ve been the black hole in life leading you started to think of how you didn’t really appreciate the values of health in your life. You can find or generate money if you get the wellness physically and emotionally but there’s no turning back if you did not appreciate your health, your body, your mind.Being a thrifty person might risk your own health? Thrifty does refer to a statement where one tends to cut any cost to save money in any situation such as essential needs, travel plans and particularly always to spend things at lowest cost possible. It is a trend nowadays that you could do anything to cut the cost such using what you have at home and transform them into something new or functional. Compared to health, it is not an object. It’s a gift. Simple example could be in a situation, where you are planning to move your house to a different place and you’re trying to be cost efficient as you could by risking your safety carrying heavy couch and box that may lead to accident or injury.  Having your family to do heavy work could expose them to the risk of getting backache and the pain is unbearable. Moving household could be a complicated task and you should really plan it wisely. Instead, you could hire professional movers that will make your process easier as they will give you professional help with tools needed to transport heavy objects, without risking their safety as well as yours. Saving money that could lead to high chances of injuries? Or spend it for professional help and avoid risking your family wellbeing towards any injuries? This is a perfect example of how you should not let money control everything that you do in your life including how you should think of protecting your safety. You can save your money, but health should be crucial to be considered of.Money can’t really buy health. Surely you have heard of a phrase “money can’t buy happiness” which can be summed up that money is not everything. No denial that we need money in our life but not everything can be solved by money. Money can’t buy happiness, love and even health. Some people said that money can buy health insurance, hospital bills and medications but that is not the point that this article meant to prove. This article strongly believes that by taking care of your health and well being helps giving a big impact for your future. Health comes first then, money. For example, a workaholic rarely priorities their health due to the mission that they need to work hard to gain more and more money. This has to change. We should take good care of our body, our health because nobody else will. Instead of focusing too much on getting money, you should upgrade the mentality to love yourself. Change is good. Start to invest on your health, attend therapy sessions and yoga classes, for start. In this new era, the discussion that focuses on mental health is increasing. A lot of people did not realize that they suffered from mental health. In relations to that, we have been told to meet professionals or doctors to supervise our health but not many seek to get help. Meeting a therapist or doctor is not a bad thing and we really need to change the stigma. It is okay for you to have someone to talk to and get yourself professional help. All you need is positivity and good vibes that helps you with your health.Health is wealth. With all the arguments this article point out, it should open up our eyes how money and health bring important life-balancing for a human. Health and money is like Yin and Yang, two elements that compliments each other for a better life. If one element work more than the limit, it could lead to consequences which risking your health or other factor. You can get all money in the world and not feeling satisfied with your life but health would give you enormous impact in all aspect. Good health leads to happiness and balanced lifestyle. There are a lot of tips that you can get by reading health magazines and brochures on how to take care of your health mentally and physically. For example, after a long day in the office and non-stop tiredness that you experienced, you should go for a walk that could ease up your mind from the hustle bustle of your day. Do not push yourself too hard, your body need rest.To summarise this, our society should focus more on taking care of health rather than emphasizing on the benefits of money itself. Money makes us greedy in spending and investing towards our health protection and this has to be stopped. This is the reason AKMovers is here to help you with your household moving process, we are an outstanding professional packers and movers for homes and offices. Therefore, we offer services for our customer without having to go through the heavy duty process and they don’t have to deal with backache and muscle cramps. If it means protecting your safety, we’re here to help.Need more information, you can contact us:Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – AkmoversInstagram – AkmoversYoutube Channel – Akmovers

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