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April 18, 2017
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13 Best Moving Tips

1.  Get free boxes :     You can save your money from buying new boxes on  every moving process. Before start packing all of your item, for sure you need to find or buy boxes to pack all of your item especially small item that need to be pack in one box. Believe me, you can get more boxes with variety of size for FREE! But make sure you willing to spend your time to explore supermarket to get that box. You can get free used boxes at AEON, GIANT, TESCO, Seven Eleven and so many other shop. Now, you believe me right!2.  Pack in Suitcases and Luggage:  Usually, suitcase and luggage are made from durable material and for sure it’s better than boxes.  So, you’re suggested to fill all of your suitcases and luggage with as much items as you can. You can also pack your shoes, clothes and magazine in them.3. Move Your Closet with Garbage Bags:    Why  fold your cloth one by one just because you need to pack it? Don’t ruin your rest time by packing all of your clothes from your closet. Just take 10-15 clothes with hanger and bag them into plastic. Then move it into the new box and ready to move. Isn’t it easy for you to move it into the new closet? Saves so much time right!4. Fill Crock Pot with Spices:  Lack of space and have so much small item in your kitchen? This is the right time for you to be creative! To save your space, try fill small item into large item. You can fill your crock pot, large pans with spices and smaller items.  Not just save your space, it also can prevent your spice from spill or break!5. DIY Box Handles:    Is that hard to lifting your boxes while moving house? Try this tips! Cut a simple triangle or square shape beside the boxes to make it easy for you to lift the box and it wouldn’t be too heavy as before. But, make sure not to pack it so tight to prevent your box from break.6. Pack Heavy Items like Books in Suitcases:    To pack all of your heavy books, scrapbooks, and magazines, you can pack it in your rollable suitcases and it makes it much easier to move those heavy items.7. Cotton-ball or Pad in Your Cosmetics:    To prevent your pressed powder cosmetics from breaking, you are suggest to put a cotton-ball or pad in the case. Make sure it is compact and not loose so it doesn’t crack and break.8. Use Clear Tape to Keep Track of Screws:   Tape together the assortment of screws and nails for different pieces of furniture so you know it’s goes where. Makes it easy to keep track of. Label the clear tap with a permanent marker stating which furniture or project it goes with.9. Create a Keywords for Box Labels:   No need to write on each box, just use bright tape with different color and create a simple keyword for each bedroom like living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. So, it will be easy for you to unpack and find what you need.10. Code Boxes with Bright Tape:  Use bright colored tape because it’s cheap and easy to use. It makes it easy to spot as well. It can double as tape for closing your boxes.11. Saran Wrap to Keep Liquid Items from Leaking:   Cover your liquids item like shampoo and body soap with saran wrap or shrink wrap to keep it from leaking. This method also can protect all of your items from covered with soap and shampoo.12. Last Grocery Shopping Trip 2 Weeks Before Move:  You are advise to go shopping 2 weeks before your move and try to use everything from your fridge as you can before the move. Also try to eat all of your food in your kitchen to minimize the packing process without waste anything!13.  Defrost Fridge 24 Hours Before Move :  If you plan to move your fridge, make sure to defrost your fridge 24 hours before your move. So, you can prevent it from defrosting and getting smelly while your moving.Need more information, you can contact us: Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – Akmovers Instagram – Akmovers Youtube Channel – Akmovers“House Moving Without You Doing Anything”#akmovers #moversandpackers #moversinkl #moversmalaysia

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