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March 20, 2017
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March 28, 2017
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Pernahkah anda berhadapan dengan masalah TV anda retak atau calar semasa memindahkannya ke rumah baru? . Skrin TV sangatlah sensitif dan mudah pecah. Jadi, teknik pembungkusan yang betul amatlah penting supaya TV dapat dipindahkan ke rumah baru dengan selamat. .“House Moving Without You Doing Anything” #akmovers #moversandpackers #moversinkl #moversmalaysia . . Tips Packing Flat TVHave you ever face the problem where your TV crack or scratch while move it to the new house?TV screen’s are very fragile and extremely sensetive. It’s important to package them correctly for successful move.Need more information, you can contact us: Whatsapp | Call – 013 -3336960Facebook – Akmovers Instagram – Akmovers Youtube Channel – Akmovers“House Moving Without You Doing Anything” #akmovers #moversandpackers #moversinkl #moversmalaysia

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