How to Plan your moving with AKMOVERS

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February 9, 2017
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How to Plan your moving with AKMOVERS

Pre-Moving (8 weeks before)
Before you move, there is the pre-move. In order to make moving day go off without a hitch, we have provided a short list of tips and tricks to help. Getting a head-start on moving can really increase your chances of having a problem-free move. We hope that by adding this checklist, or parts of it to your own your move, everything on the big day will go smoothly. If you need extra help, our customer service is ready to assist.

1.Decide your moving date
Get a fixed date is important so you can start doing a check list

2.Notify the House owner and get your new house ready
Normally you have to acknowledge the house owner with a month notice and start making a call to make sure your new house is ready

3.Book a movers
Get the quotation from various movers and choose the service that suit your needs.

4.Get as much info as possible from your moving consultant
Start doing a checklist so you wont miss anything and get organized.

5.Shopping for Moving Materials
Boxes, Tape, Corrugated paper and another materials are really essential to make sure your items is properly pack and wrap

6.Arrangement of new school and billing address
Start to register your kids for their new school and dont forget to change all your billing address.

7.Let your old and new house management know the date of moving
This is crucial because some management have a time restriction.

8.If you are self packing, start at least 2 weeks before
Plan your strategy on how to pack your items and dont forget to tag every single items so you wont have any problem at new house

9.Make your self free for Valuation officer visit
Often Valuation Officer will come to your house 2 weeks before moving process. They want to get a clear layout so a proper planning can be executed.

Moving Day

1.Get up early and get your family ready
Normally AKMOVERS crew will arrive as early as 9am and they are fresh and ready to start the moving process

2.Make sure you and your family are safe
Dont let your kids running around the house during the moving process as accident may happened when we are least expect.

3.Keep your valuable items in your possession
We are not accountable for any misplaced of your valuable items.

4.Make sure you read and understand the AKMOVERS LETTER OF CONSENT before moving process start
Double check the list of inventory, manpower and lorry as order.

5.Always check your house before moving to a new location
Once the old house is empty, do any final cleaning and sweeping up. Walk through all rooms, ensuring that nothing has been left behind, and that windows are locked and lights turned off. (Check outside as well.)

6.Approach the coordinator if you have any question at any time
Good communication between coordinator and customer are important during the process.

7.Last, Dont forget to tips your movers and packers

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